What is a Google “sandbox” or why are sites having a hard time promoting in their first year of existence?

When promoting sites, many people were faced with the fact that in the first year the site is quite difficult to promote. This is primarily due to domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a set of factors by which Google understands how much users can trust your resource. Google makes sure that users can trust sites at the top of search results. If Google thinks that your site cannot be trusted, then your site is unlikely to make it to the top positions. Sites that are not credible to Google under 1 year old.

And this is logical enough. Think for yourself which magazine You should read? Washington Post or some edition that appeared yesterday?

Obviously, the Washington Post will have a lot more credibility in your shoes. This will be mainly due to the fact that this edition is several decades old. It’s the same on the Internet. The older the site is, the more authoritative it is.

What does Domain Rating Depend on?

Domain rating depends not only on age. Domain ranking is also influenced by backlinks and the quality of the content that you publish on the website. At the same time, the quality of the content on the entire site is important, and not just on a specific page. That is, if you only post one page with low-quality content, all site will become less authoritative.

Now let’s figure out how to improve the site ranking.

What is quality content through the eyes of Google?

Quality content must meet the following factors:

  • Must be unique
  • The author must be specified
  • There should be no overspam of keywords
  • Must be relevant
  • Should not be racist or incite ethnic hatred
  • Should only contain verified information
  • Should only link to trusted sources

How to increase the number of backlinks to your site?

Despite the fact that Google is struggling with buying backlinks, you can still buy them. The donor can be spied on from your competitors. I told you more about how to find out competitors' backlinks here.

Be careful when purchasing backlinks. If you buy too many, Google will know you bought them. I recommend buying no more than 5 in the first month. Then 2-3 a month.
Also, remember that the resource on which you buy a link must be authoritative and related to your site.


In order for your site to get to the top of the search results, you will simply have little time to buy backlinks. You can buy 35-38 links per year (Google can punish you for more).

Competitors can have hundreds of links. It takes much longer to catch up with them. But don’t despair, over time, transitions will start to appear.

Also, do not forget about the quality of your site’s content.

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